A Daily launching Pass costs $12 including GST An Annual Launching passes cost $100 including GST

Boat Launching

Please Note – If you are launching or retrieving your boat at low tide pay particular attention to the end of ramp signage 


A Daily Launching Pass costs $12 including GST

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Please display your tickets in a prominent position so they can be seen clearly.

For your convenience, there is an unattended box on the gate of the Ranger’s office to submit launching fees and registration numbers if the ranger is unavailable.

Annual Launching Passes are no longer available

Due to the recent election promises, boat launching fees will not be required in the near future.


The foreshore is serviced by our resident ranger, John who can be contacted on 0437 724917 regarding purchase of daily launching tickets, annual launching tickets and booking for the rotunda for family events etc.  This number is clickable.

Please Note that Camping on the Foreshore is restricted to 2 nights maximum as priority is given to boat launching users. Permission to camp overnight must be obtained from the Ranger.

Camping Rules

  • Overnight stays a maximum of 2 nights
  • Self contained vehicles only, no tents
  • All Persons must use public toilets or caravan units, not the bush alongside the reserve
  • All rubbish to be cleaned up and placed in bins provided near toilets
  • No open fires
  • No loud music
  • May need to depart at 9 am the following day depending on boat car parking demands, Ranger will advise
  • Cost per night is $15

It is important that boat operators adhere to the channel markers, as we have very low tides at times, and it is not uncommon for boats to become stranded until the tide comes back in.  Please observe the signage at the boat ramp regarding channels and check tides prior to departure.